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Our main objective as a customs clearance and freight forwarding company, shipping and logistics is for your shipment to arrive always on time, we take away the clearing and forwarding freight shipping logistics problems away from you, allowing you to concentrate in your core business. We expedite your freight clearing and forwarding process.

We believe that service is a major component in the freight clearing and forwarding, shipping and freight supply chain logistics in general we never hesitate in raising the bar when it comes to service quality. Depending on the interest and freight forwarding requirement, timely clearing and forwarding of freight and logistics services are offered to our valued customers.

We strive to offer the most efficient means of customs clearance and freight forwarding at all ports in Kenya, be it forwarding, clearing containers, clearing project shipment sea freights at Mombasa port or parcels, air light weight freights and frequent air freights at JKIA Nairobi. We accomplish timely customs clearance and freight forwarding  goals by pooling our vast resources in custom clearance and significant experience in the international freight clearing and forwarding, customs brokerage adding value to our clients' freight supply-chain logistics.

In Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding, Freight Logistics quality service is the first priority of Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya. To fulfill the customer’s satisfaction, shipments are packed, cleared, forwarded and shipped with due protection to the intended destination. Customs clearance staffs are there to ensure that the information that is submitted to the authorities with current Kenya’s clearing and forwarding legislation, thus avoiding unnecessary expense and delays in clearing and forwarding your freight to the final delivery point of the shipment.

Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya one of the most prominent names engaged in customs clearance, freight forwarding and Freight Logistics supply chain logistics offering a wide range of freight clearing and forwarding services for export and import shipments through air, ocean, rail and road transport. Clearing and Forwarding in supply chain logistics is the process of clearing freight through customs and forwarding the freight to owner. Clearing and forwarding services are offered in maintaining complete timeliness and precautionary measures which are demanded in the domestic and international markets. Our Clearing and freight forwarding services are highly reliable and within the budgetary estimates of our clients.

Clearing and Forwarding involves more than customs clearance, constant communication, information and forwarding coordination from shipping lines, clearing and forwarding agents to customer are crucial factors for the successful freight shipping. We maintain complete confidentiality while communicating with shipping, clearing and forwarding clients. We also keep in mind that the containers in which goods are shipped and transported are of international quality standards. As clearing and forwarding agents we conventionally commence the subsequent undertakings after clearing or forwarding your freight.

Clearing & Forwing Shipment Handling at port of mombasa kenya