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Clearing & Forwarding Agents acts like an intermediary between a shipper (person shipping or cargo owners) border control/ customs authorities and other logistics providers on chain supply logistics. Clearing and forwarding agents have proved to be a vital part of chain supply logistics.

Clearing and Forwarding Companies / Kenya Freight Forwarding Agents Simple Definition

To simply define clearing and forwarding companies / agents we can say that the clearing and forwarding agents companies are actually the third party logistics services providers handling and managing the operations of cargo shipment, or other words they are a party in facilitating an international supply chain logistics.

This section is meant for clearing and forwarding business practice definition purposes only for clearing and forwarding service, clearing and forwarding practices and clearing and forwarding companies functions in Kenya as a part of international shipping logistics.

Please refer to freight clearing and forwarding services and choose sea freight or air freight depending on the type of cargo shipment of your interest. Also note that we have extended our services coverage from Kenya to cover other east African countries, Uganda, Rwanda southern Sudan and Burundi. Aeromarine Capital Group also offer shipping and ship agency services.

Clearing and Forwarding Company in Kenya

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Kenya’s Slung for Clearing and Forwarding Companies

Clearing & Forwarding Companies in Kenya are actually what we call Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Customs Brokers or Freight forwarders or clearing and forwarding services are also related and associated with the following tags Shipping Companies, Clearing & Forwarding Agents, Custom Clearing Agents, Custom Clearance, customs brokerage, shipping Agents and Logistics Consultants, Kenya Sea Freight Forwarders, Air Freight Forwarders and Cargo Shipping Agents.

Clearing and Forwarding Agents Companies in Kenya

It’s common we refer clearing and forwarding companies in Kenya and other Kenyan shipping logistics providers herein as Clearing & Forwarding Agents companies.

This page describes the services offered by Clearing & Forwarding Agents companies in Kenya and their day to day functions. Kenya’s Clearing & Forwarding Agents Companies or Customs agents are logistics experts with a very good knowledge of the state of the import-export customs clearance and are well informed of Kenya’s and east Africa common economy customs regulations governance.

Clearing & Forwarding Agents knows and understands the major rules and regulations applicable in the international clearance and forwarding process in Kenya, east Africa and their international trade partners. It would be a wise step to hire a clearance and forwarding agent if you are planning to ship products from different country to Kenya or through Kenya. In some countries Kenya and east African states being an example its mandatory to use Clearing & Forwarding Agents for your import or export at the customs declarations.

Clearing and Forwarding Agents Practices

Clearing & Forwarding Agents performs various logistics services that may expound to shipping but mainly a Clearing & Forwarding Agents service may include creating an invoice for international shipping, making arrangements for the shipment pickup and cargo delivery reports, arranging and coordinating customs for attaching warehousing, thoroughly completing all the documentation work required for your shipment, and finally confirming the delivery of your shipment.

Clearing & Forwarding Agents have established relationship with shipping lines, sea, air and land transportation system including rail services, trucking, and shipping ocean liners. Once the shipment has been handed over to the Clearing & Forwarding Companies Agents, the shipper or the cargo owners can rely on clearing and forwarding agents for timely shipping and safe delivery of the cargo.

A good Clearing & Forwarding Agents will always be perfect in logistics skills of how to arrange for careful shipping of cargo whether they are dangerous cargo or require any additional support meets the shippers’’ specific wishes all along the sailing or shipping routes.

Clearing and forwarding Agents Functions

Clearing & Forwarding companies Agents manages the trucking logistics for airfreight and ocean freight import and export. Apart from that, Clearing & Forwarding Agents are also ready to even provide packaging, letters of credit and consular documentation.

Clearing & Forwarding Agents calculation of clearance and freight charges depends upon the distance and other arrangements made thereof for the safety of the product such as refrigeration facility, container facility, or some other sort of preservation facility is required, or if there is any hazardous material included in the package, or the number of carriers that would be required to carry the goods, etc.

Clearing & Forwarding Agents calculate all these factors for selecting the best bid then add their own fee and then give the client a cost.

If the Clearing & Forwarding Agents agree with shipper or cargo owner over the same frames of price, time and task, then it becomes the responsibility of the Clearing & Forwarding Agents to ship the assigned cargo to the destination.

Custom Brokers

Customs brokerage is a profession that involves the clearing or forwarding of shipment through customs barriers for importers and exporters. This involves the preparation of shipping documentation and electronic submissions, the calculation and the customs taxes, excise duties and levies payment on behalf of the exporter / Importer generaly what we know as custom clearance.

Customs brokers also facilitate communication between the importer/exporter and clearing, forwarding agents and customs authorities. Customs brokers in the Kenya may also prepare and submit documentation through clearing and forwarding agents to notify or obtain the clearance from customs and other government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, the Kenya ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries, Kenya Wildlife Service, and many others.

Kenya Customs broker’s needs to be familiar with the Kenya customs clearing tariff schedule, a listing of duty rates for imported items, and the regulations governing importations to Kenya. Kenya’s Exports does not have as much regulations as the imports, so one will always export from Kenya easily.

Kenya Customs brokers may need to advise importers regarding their imports, country of origin marking requirements or the precise paperwork requirements for a shipment subject to Kenya customs or Kenya bureau of standards’ requirements, shipping and other logistics.

With customs brokers’ Knowledge of the importation requirements of each type of shipment can avoid costly delays or seizure of the merchandise. Many customs brokers specialize in certain types of transactions, such as freight forwarding, clearing the crew and manifest of large cargo vessels.

Kenya Customs brokers can be located at border towns to clear merchandise on transit or sent in bond a large number are located in Nairobi and around major airports but most are located in Mombasa city, around kilindini harbor or basically tend to be concentrated around ports with international traffic where shipment freights are frequent and around customs remittance offices.

Customs brokers normally arrange the forwarding, clearing, and transshipment, delivery, of customs cleared shipments through relationships with other logistics companies.

Customs brokers are not Kenya government or Kenya customs authority employees and should not be confused with Customs agents, although in some countries the term customs agent may mean customs broker and also in Kenya clearing and forwarding agents tend to be referred as customs agents or even customs brokers.

Custom brokers may be employed by or affiliated with clearing agents or freight forwarders, but may be independent businesses or may be employed by shipping lines, importers, exporters, trade authorities and customs brokerage firms which will be referred to as clearing and forwarding companies. Many customs brokers acts for clearing and forwarding companies but qualified customs brokers must pass an examination and background check to become licensed.

Kenya customs brokers are licensed by the Kenya Revenue Authority which heads Kenya Customs and Kenya Airport Authority and Kenya Port Authority a body that licenses clearing and forwarding companies, logistics, shipping lines and any other person handling customs duty and levies.

East African Common Economy will not require licensing customs brokers and clearing agents operating in a second the East African Country.

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