Air Freight Clearing | Forwarding Nairobi - Kenya

Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya offers Air Freight, Air Cargo, Air Charter, and Air Freight Tracking at unbeatable rates. Being the leading air freight clearing and forwarding logistics specialists in Kenya we are able to provide expedited air freight service from Kenya to destinations around the world. Our head office is strategically located in Nairobi for air freight shipments from JKIA airport to international destinations on air cargo, passenger carrier or air charter. Our airport-to-airport service is ideally suited to customers in business requiring time-critical delivery. We provide air freight service based on your requirements and schedule.

With a comprehensive range of air freight services Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya meets your air freight requirements with reliability and professionalism, we offer consolidations and back to back and also chartering of aircraft as and when required. The vast number of destinations covered from JKIA Nairobi, Kenya's biggest airport and the large volumes handled by our Nairobi terminal enable us to consolidate direct containers to specific locations which in turn enables us to control transit time and cost and hence we are able to offer air freight services at unbeatable rates.

We work closely with you to find the most suitable freight for your air shipment then select the most appropriate air carrier for your air freight that gives you a head start over other air freight companies. The numerous freights from Nairobi and to Nairobi guarantees your freight will arrive in time. With our air freight tracking systems also provide air freight customer with freight schedule and to provide real time updates.

We provide efficient inward and outward air freight consolidation service to East African exporters and importers importing through Nairobi Kenya. We ensure that there is no mid-point break bulk so that possible chances of freight mishandling can be avoided. The alacrity with which we work shows our ability to handle fragile and sensitive freights. We have a committed network of integrated air and ground services that enables us to handle from pick up to prompt delivery of your freight and guarantees the same day delivery within Nairobi and 24hrs Delivery in 200km radius from JKIA Nairobi.

Air Freight Forwarding Services Offered

» Freight - Direct & Consolidation Services.
» Automated Shipment Status Tracking.
» Multi-Modal Transport Operators.
» Warehousing & Distribution.

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