Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya - Freight Forwarding Company

Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya is a dynamic Freight Forwarding company driven by the unwavering belief in its original ideology being the combination of flexibility, speed and innovative spirit of an ever changing team with strength, security and integrity of a major Clearing and Forwarding, Shipping and logistics service provider. With years of experience in the shipping and air freight logistics Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya is known for offering reliable and efficient freight forwarding service throughout the world. Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya is dedicated to handling your cargo and ensures expeditious clearance process. With Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya punctuality is guaranteed by our staunchness in your cargo logistics from the shipping to delivery.

Although we have a wide variety of services to offer, our most important tool is our personalized service. At Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya Customer service has been reinvented as the cutting edge of competitiveness in the shipping and logistics industry. As competition has become more intense, service quality has become crucial determinant for creating overall customer satisfaction. Championed by a well established worldwide network from shipping lines to other prominent freight forwarders and clearing agents Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya is a reputed name not only in the domestic market but worldwide.

Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya, a preeminent logistics provider and an icon among Kenya Freight Forwarders, offering a wide range of services including international freight clearing and forwarding, shipping, customs clearance, and all other freight forwarding solutions. We offer consolidation of any kind of cargo across East Africa and the world. We are a renowned freight forwarding company and an eminent provider of services such as custom clearing and forwarding, container liner services, supply chain, freight shipping and transportation services.

We enjoy good relationships with our business partners, airlines, shipping lines, freight forwarding agents and other cargo handlers, enabling smooth, secure and prompt delivery of your cargo. We take a personal interest in every shipment we handle. We will take great care in the proper transport of your cargo, whatever it may be, and give it the attention it deserves.

Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya is committed to the continuous quest for excellence, offering efficient and effective solutions in clearing and forwarding, shipping and freight Logistics plus all related fields. To achieve our goals we have inflated our shipping network and adopted the most modern techniques and professional tools to communicate and deliver our services faster allowing us to better serve our customer with increased efficiency.

Our global network of shipping lines, freight forwarders, airlines and professional team members along with superior industry standards provide a strong and secure base for all the logistical requirements and needs of the client and to top it up with insurance cover. As a member of several international professional associates we are able, at all stages of your cargo shipping, to call upon the best packing agents throughout the world.

All your shipping solutions are rendered by highly committed professionals who have the capability of providing logistics services like no other and our collaboration with airlines and shipping lines enable us render our services at the most competitive prices. Our professionals who are responsible to execute all the works are highly trained and have ample experience. They excel in handling all the works with great proficiency and confidence, leading the company ahead in the logistics market.

Our business objective is to provide world class transportation services of all modes for our customers while, at the same time, providing a professional and friendly work atmosphere for our customers and employees and uncompromising continuous quality improvements on all our services. We take pride in the fact that Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya is most competitive among Kenyan Freight Forwarding Companies with the largest of shipping and logistics providers while having a very close working relationship with our customers.