Vehicle Clearing - Kenya | Buying Shipping Imports

We offer consultation on vehicle sourcing, vehicle importation, Kenya vehicle import regulations, vehicle shipping to Kenya, vehicle inspections, Kenya customs duties due on vehicles, Kenya vehicle registration, vehicle clearing and vehicle transportation modes and finally delivery of your vehicle at your door step.

We are capable and have been handling vehicles, importing vehicles on behalf, shipping vehicles to kenya and clearing vehicles for Kenya’s local use and vehicles on transit through kenya. Besides clearing vehicles you can involve us from the inception of vehicles buying a vehicle or vehicle importation and vehicle shipping. We will charge the agency fee once to carter for vehicle buying consultation, vehicle shipping, vehicle importation, vehicle clearing and vehicle registration process if the vehicle or vehicles are meant for Kenya local market and consumption.

Having specialized in clearing of vehicles, sourcing and ordering vehicles for our clients we have established good working relationship with most of the big vehicles sales companies around the world dealing in new, used motor vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles and machinery. We can also offer consultation on sourcing finance for your vehicle and leasing options for new vehicles.

Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya will search, identify and arrange for shipment of Japan used vehicles which are favorites to Kenyan buyers based on clients' specifications. We identify the vehicles source by your specifications but most vehicles are sourced from Japan, Singapore, Dubai, UK and people in Kenya and Uganda has started appreciating vehicles from USA. There has been significant increase for vehicles imported from UK and US in the recent years. These have been brought about by a surge in demand for comfort and luxury vehicles. There has also been a huge import of heavy commercial vehicles and machinery from USA and Uk.

We have extensive experience vehicle sourcing, vehicle shipping, vehicle importation and vehicle clearing and have over the years come to identify a short-list of reliable and honest dealers in Japan, Singapore, Dubai, USA and UK vehicle exporters. This approach involves the client (importer) every step of the way. It has, over time, proven very cost-effective for importers than other methods of acquiring a vehicle.

We will give you a check list of what is expected from importers, vehicle dealers, vehicle carrier (ro-ro), and vehicle financiers if you are buying or leasing the vehicle. We will also arrange the vehicle clearing and forwarding at the Mombasa port, acquire transit insurance for your vehicle if you have not settle on a preference and every other logistics involved in importing a vehicle.

While Vehicle dealer gives you costing based vehicle purchase, vehicle inspection in country of origin, vehicle forwarding, vehicle shipping and calculate this costs up to when your vehicle arrives in Mombasa, we are able to calculate actual vehicle cost that will include vehicle Kenya customs duty for vehicles meant for Kenya local market and consumption, vehicle Port charges and vehicle registration before the vehicle is ordered.

Shipping a car or any other vehicle to Kenya or through Kenya?

Kenya's Mombasa port is strategic for its East Africa land locked neighbors Uganda, Rwanda, Congo DRC and South Sudan. Vehicles are one the most frequent imports imported into Kenya or through Kenya by Kenyans, Ugandans and Sudanese. 99% of all vehicles imported into Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda and Congo DRC are shipped on sea freight via Mombasa. Rwandese and Congolese who prefer clearing their vehicles in Tanzania over Kenya have to wait sometimes over a week. Vehicle carrier ships (roro) freights are frequent in Kenya than freights to Kenya’s southern neighbor and more frequent a freight the cheaper it becomes.

We do clearing documentation and administration in house. Our endeavor is to remove every obstacle from your shipping requirements and provide you a complete hassle free experience.