Car Imports Kenya | Procedures Vehicle Clearing & Shipping

Vehicle Importing, Clearance Registration of Cars should be a carefully carried out procedure, with assistance and in consultations with experts and customs clearing agents. Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya is preeminent in clearing and forwarding vehicles for Kenya’s market or transits for East Africa. Specializing in Shipping, Warehousing, Freight Clearing and Forwarding Fraternity Aeromarine also caters for larger market of Vehicle Imports, Clearance and Registration of motor vehicles.

With a vast experience in vehicles shipping  on sea, air, shipping and car transportation sectors, Aeromarine Capital works closely with its valued clients and prides itself in fully understanding of the market dynamics and freight logistics car import industry demands.

We will help you go the entire process of considering different vehicles, sourcing, identifying the car, purchasing and transporting your car to port of loading for Shipping vehicle sourcing, vehicle importation, meeting Kenya regulations, vehicle shipping to Kenya, vehicle inspections, Kenya customs duties payments, Kenya vehicle registration, vehicle clearing and vehicle transportation modes and finally delivery of your vehicle at your door step. This will gives you confidence and peace of mind and saves your time and money.

In consultation with Aeromarine Capital you will get and benefit from the following services and Advice on Cars Importation

  • Car Sourcing
  • Identifying A Car
  • Optimizing Your Requirements in a car and Budget
  • Cars Importations Procedures
  • Consultation on Cars You Can Import
  • Kenya Customs Regulations on Motor Vehicle Importation
  • Car Age Calculation
  • Kenya Bureau of Standards Requirements on Imported vehicles
  • Cars Pre-Importation Certifications
  • Car Shipping
  • Import Declaration Form (IDF) Application
  • Cars Duty Calculation
  • Duty and Taxes Payable
  • Exemptions Qualification of Motor Vehicles.
  • Car Registration
  • Car Clearance
  • Post Clearance maintenance services
  • Car Delivery

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