Gold Shipments - Minimum AU Shipping Requirement

Aeromarine's is governed by a set of international protocols and procedures that limits not only who we can ship for but which commodities we can move and which countries we operate in.

We sign an agreement with the airlines and associates that guarantee that Aeromarine's will not ship cargo for any client that have not fully investigated beforehand. We take this responsibility very seriously.

In terms of internal security procedures we cannot deal with any company that we do not know or have fully investigated, our international insurers also insist on this. In terms of our liability we can only deal with the principals in any transaction, we cannot ship for brokers.

Bound by the airlines and associates we cannot ship goods that originate from sources that have not been fully investigated.

With regards to gold shipments in Africa we only ship for banks, refineries and registered Gold Mines.

All fraudulent documentation is passed on to the relevant authorities.

We accept sealed packages “said to contain” Gold, as we are secured transport company which handles the risk of transport, we are not Gold/ Diamond experts.

When we arrange collection, we over bag the sealed packages “said to Contain” Gold in our Aeromarines packaging with a Aeromarine `s seals which has a serial number, from the time we sign for this shipment it will be transported under Aeromarine and its associates's liability until its delivered to final consignee whereby we receive a signature that the package has been delivered in good condition with the same opened by the consignee after delivery and the content is in fact Gold, this not the responsibility of Aeromarines nor would we be liable.

We do not sell insurance, as we are not insurance company. We handle the risk of transport and our charges include Aeromarine's liability as per the service type specified and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the ACG contract.

• We do not provide services for testing and assaying your product.Aeromarine also does not provide
services for commodity Gold “dust”, we will provide services for the movement off Gold  Bars/Nuggets/Grain etc.

This Must be Availed
Shipper: Company Name, Physical Address, Contact Person, Land line numbers
Consignee: Company Name, Physical Address, Contact Person, Land line numbers
Documents: Company registration/Gold permit/Export License/Certificate of origin
and all documents relevant for export of shipment.