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Are you interested in shipping careers, clearing and forwarding career, freight transportation career? Make the decision to improve your skill and lives around the world. Every decision you make is full of possibility every action you take has a reaction, Make your next big move and fully realize your potential with Aeromarine freight clearing and forwarding company.

It’s all about the experience, our internships provide real-world, hands-on experience – resume builders that will give you the edge from day one. And if you’re an MBA, or PhD candidate, you will discover opportunities to improve your skills, talents and challenge them in ways that will raise your experience to a whole new level. At Aeromarine clearing and forwarding, our aim is to make it a most enriching one.

Application Process

Aeromairne clearing and forwarding recruits candidates after successful submission of an applications and after abiding to our guidelines. The following information is provided to assist you in preparing and submitting your written application and to plan for the selection interview.

Selection generally involves a written application, an interview and a referee check. It can also involve other selection methods e.g., presentations, work samples or work exercises. All assessments are based on the selection criteria and target your skills, knowledge, abilities and experience in relation to these criteria.

To apply successfully you must meet the following criteria:

  • We don’t hire foreign nationals so to qualify you must be a Kenyan Citizen.
  • Application should consist of the following
  1. A.      Cover Letter:
    The cover letter should be brief explaining who you are and what job you are applying for.
  2. B.      Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
    This should include the following information:

  i.  Personal details - name, address, and phone number(s)

  ii. List of academic qualifications and/or current studies (attach photocopies of qualifications)

 iii. Details of any training courses you have attended

 iv.  Membership of professional bodies

 v.   Activities you have undertaken external to work, which are relevant to the position you are applying for

 vi.  A summary of your work experience from most recent to least recent (include dates, employer name, position title and details of tasks/responsibilities, including committee memberships)

  vii. Major accomplishments at work

 viii.  Referees..

  • The applications should be submitted via email to .


In today’s job market, experience will most likely give you the edge. But the question is, how do you get that experience when you’re just starting out? Jump on the future enter Aeromairne clearing and forwarding, shipping Internship Program, step one in building your resume with experience that’s real-world.

 We seek top performers – those who can uphold the Aeromairne clearing and forwarding values and exemplify our global standards.  As a Aeromairne clearing and forwarding intern, you’ll be working on meaningful projects at one of the leading Clearing and forwarding companies. You’ll meet and interact with Aeromarine executives. If your position requires you to move, you may also receive help with your housing and your move.

We recruit many of our interns during visits to our academic partners.  We visit these campuses seeking to identify and attract top talent to fill our business needs.  We register for campus interviews through the career offices of our partner institutions.  During our visits to these campuses we may conduct interviews in several different academic disciplines. Check the recruiting event schedule at your career office to learn if we will be visiting your campus.

If we do not fill our internships during campus visits, we open the opportunities to other applicants around Kenya. You also welcomed to follow the above creteria to apply for internship.

We offer opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students with outstanding academic records and/or work experience in Shipping, Transportation, Clearing and Forwarding, Business Administration / Finance / Human Resources, Marketing and Information Technology/Computer Science.